2016 Pebble Beach Brass Cars (Open)

Just back from a week in Monterey and it never seems to disappoint. The Pebble Beach Concours had more brass cars on display this year than I can ever remember - in fact they split the class into "Open" and "Closed". The following are some cars from the "Open" class, with the Keller Collection's 1911 Mercedes the class winner. 

1911 Mercedes (70 hp) Seven Passenger Touring by Vanvooren. Owned by the Keller Collection, this car was originally ordered by a nephew of Sam Colt (Firearms manufacturer). The Keller's acquired the car from Scott Isquick (long-time Mercedes collector). [Photographed by the Author]
1909 Pierce-Arrow Model 24 Runabout. Owned by Richard Anderson, this was the car's first showing.  [Photographed by the Author]

1911 American Underslung Traveler Touring. Owned by the Natural History Museum of LA County (they have a couple very nice cars), this car had been on loan to the Petersen Museum.  [Photographed by the Author]

1911 Benz (50 Hp) Tourer. Owned by Gerhard Schnuerer, this car was originally ordered by Chicago Railroad investor, Charles Hayes - who went down with the Titanic before he could take delivery.  [Photographed by the Author]
1912 Moon Model 30 Raceabout. Owned by Leland Powells, this car was found by Henry Austin Clark and later owned by William Harrah.  [Photographed by the Author]

1901 Panhard et Levassor Type B1 Race Car. Owned by Rob Kauffman, this car's history has recently come to light.  Researched and restored by Evan Ide, the car was built specifically to race in the United States competing in the 1901 New York to Buffalo race.  [Photographed by the Author]

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  1. Beautiful photos with great details of year/make/model/info. Great Job! Followed link from just a car guy.