Trusty Packard & Bulldog

This looks to be a 1917 Packard 2-25 Touring with the owner and his bulldog standing at the ready. There are a couple interesting things about this photo beyond the bulldog riding the running board. This car has disk wheels which I've not seen on a Packard of this vintage previously. Additionally, the car appears to have two-tone paint work, but it's different than I'm familiar with. You typically see the hood and cowl painted that same color as the fenders, but this car seems to have the cowl painted the body color.

Packard offered their 12 cylinder "Twin-Six" starting in 1915, but this is a six cylinder car. Still a desirable and expensive car in the day, this car seems to be well used.


  1. The Crestline Packard book shows a couple of 1917 examples painted like this.
    1. A 4-Passenger Runabout on page 110.
    2. A 6-Passenger Limousine on page 113.


  2. Great to know - thanks for your comment.