1925 Voisin C7

The Louwman Museum's 1925 Voisin C7 (from the collection of the author)

Here's another car from the wonderful Louwman Museum - an original 1925 Voisin C7. This two-door demi-berline in the "Lumineuse" style is quite representative of the innovative, powerful, and expensive cars Gabriel Voisin began building in 1919. Voisin is one of the most important French aviation pioneers and had already established himself as an airplane manufacturer when he turned to automobiles after the airplane business dried up upon the close to WWI. Gabriel had lost his brother Charles to an automobile accident in 1912 and the "C" in the model designation "C7" is in tribute to him.

The aircraft inspired construction featured functional, art-deco bodies with angular lines, large windows, and an aluminum skin attached to wooden ribs. This lightweight construction concept is similar to the "superleggera" designs that would come later. Voisin's cars were all but hand-crafted and production was low. However, regardless of their cost, they were favored by arts, architects, and entertainers of the period. If fact, this car is the same model often seen in photographs of Voisin's friend and collaborator, architect Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier and his Voisin C7 (photo credit: Fondation Le Corbusier.fr)

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