1929 Mercedes-Benz Nurburg Fire Chief Car

1929 Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 Mobile Fire Command Vehicle (form the collection of the author)

I don't usually write about trucks, but this vehicle struck me as something unusual when I spotted it in a friend's garage. Mercedes-Benz introduced the Nurburg 460 (W08) in the autumn of 1928. The first eight cylinder passenger car chassis, the design was the work of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche.

It seems that Daimler-Benz received a large order for fire fighting equipment in 1929. Nine of these vehicles, bound for Lisbon, Portugal, were built on the Nurburg 460 platform. Each fire command vehicle was fitted with a 92 gallon water tank, 328 feet of hose, and a pump delivering 158 gallons per minute. 

Fascinating vehicle - I wonder how it drives?

Photo credit: mercedes-benz-blog.blogspot.com

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