Mystery Solved - 1906 Gallia Landaulette de Ville

circa 1906 Gallia Electric Landaulette (photo credit: Ariejan Bos)

Blog reader Ariejan Bos has emailed this wonderful image of a circa 1906 Gallia Landaulette de Ville which appears to be the vehicle pictured in the Charles Barenne photograph - excellent work Ariejan.

La Societe L'Electrique (1904-1915) established an American distributorship in New York City in 1905 (Gallia Electric carriage Company). The company exhibited at the 1906 Madison Square Garden (Space 42 East Hall), Sixth National Automobile Show. Exhibiting a "Gallia" Landaulet bodied by Kellner and a "Galliette" runabout bodied by Rothschild, it was reported by The Automobile (January 18, 1906) that Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt Jr. purchased the Landaulet at the show. Interestingly there is also records indicating that Brewster, the esteemed New York coachbuilder, bodied two Gallia Electrics for General A. E. Booth around this same time period.
As the stated in an article in The Motor of Januray 1906, "…the importation of a French electric car, … shows that the idea is eminently practical after all, because both New York and Paris lead the world in this type of motor-cars, and if American electric cars are sold in Paris, why French electric cars may be sold in New York."
Charles Barenne photo of Gallia Electric (in the author's collection)

The Motor, February, 1906

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