1907 Winton Type XIV Runabout

1907 Winton Type XIV Runabout (from the author's collection)

The Winton Motor Carriage Company of Cleveland, Ohio introduced the new Type XIV in 1907 to replace the Model K. The smaller of the two Winton offerings in 1907, the Type XIV was fitted with a 30hp 4-cylinder engine on a 104 inch wheel base - available as a Touring or Runabout. The Horseless Age of January 16, 1907 writes, "Their Type XIV, four cylinder, 30 horse power chassis is shown stripped and fitted with a regular touring body and as a runabout. The latter car is not intended as a racer, but as a serviceable runabout, and has a comfortable body with collapsible rubble seat and trunk platform." Winton was a well organized manufacturer who appears to have had a strong sales program as witnessed by the article noting Winton's School for Automobile Salesmen seen below.

This car was photographed by Dad in the mid-1950s at Raceland - the estate of John Macomber and host to an annual VMCCA event at the time. The Type XIV Runabout looks to be fresh from refurbishment, and back in 1907, would have sold for $2500.00.

Dad doesn't recall who the owner was at the time and I haven't been able to locate the car today. Does anybody know where it resides?

As a blog reader has suggested, this vehicle appears to be the 1905 Binford - not the Winton I thought it might be. The Binford is a car created from the imagination of an early collector and was assembled using parts from various cars in the 1940s (is this a Winton radiator?). The car was created, and has spent much of its life, in New England - traveling through the Princeton Auto Museum and The Long Island Auto Museum. It still exists today.

Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, November 1, 1906

The Horseless Age, December 31, 1906

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