Celebrating 100 years of Maserati

1 of 27 Maserati 6CM's built between 1936-1940 (photo credit: Michael Tobian)

2014 will be the 100th anniversary of Maserati, and here in the United States, the first celebration will be held right here in my back yard, at The Arizona Concours d'Elegance at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Having been invited to serve on the organizing committee, it's has truly been an honor and pleasure to join with a passionate group of car people in founding this event. The Concours will be held Sunday, January 12, 2014, and if you plan to come to Arizona for auction week, get your tickets now at: www.arizonaconcours.com.

The Maserati brothers (Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, and Ernesto) began making bicycles and later engines for the budding automobile market. Carlo went to work for Bianchi and Alfieri, Bindo,  and Ernesto joined Diatto to design race cars. Carlo opens a work shop in Bologna (December 1st, 1914) and founds Maserati. When Diatto suspends their racing program in 1926, Alfieri, Bindo, and Ernesto join Carlo at Maserati. Their engineering capabilities are soon proved out on the track and the company creates a name for itself. In 1937, the brothers sell the company to the Orsi family, but remain under contract for engineering support. In 1940, the Orsi family relocates the company to Moderna. American racing success comes in 1939 & 1940 with back-to-back wins at Indianapolis.

After WWII, Alberto Massimino (ex Fiat and Alfa Romeo engineer) comes to masrati to lead the racing program.  Around this same time, the Maserati brothers leave the company and found O.S.C.A. Maserati would have continued racing success throughout the 1950's and into the 1960s. The company is acquired to by Alejandro de Tomaso in 1975 (through deal funded by GEPI through the Benelli Motorcycle Company). In 1993, Fiat purchases the company and in 1997 sells a 50% share to long-time rival Ferrari. As of 2005, Maserati has been split from Ferrari and merged with Alfa Romeo under the Fiat Auto Group.

The Arizona Concours already has some wonderful pre-war and post-war Maserati's registered, so please join us in Arizona in January to celebrate 100 years of Maserati.

Maserati 8CM (photo credit: Michael Tobian)

1 of 27 Maserati 150S's produced between 1955-1957 (photo credit: Michael Tobian)


  1. There was another brother involved in with Maserati - Ettore. The sixth brother, Carlo, was the only one who had no interest in cars - he became and artist.

  2. Graham - thanks for following the blog and your comments!