1948 BMW Veritas Rennsport Spyder

1948 BMW Veritas Rennsport Spyder
Veritas was a German sports and race car company founded just after WWII by ex-BMW employees. Since the occupying Allied Forces had restrictions on manufacturing (no engines larger than 1 liter), customers supplied their own drivetrain - typically BMW 326 or 328 engines. As the founders had worked for BMW they knew these engines well and would tune them up to 125hp in some cases.

The cars had an immediate impact, setting a 2 liter speed record and winning the 2 liter championship in 1947 at the hands on Karl Kling. After only a few cars were made, BMW objected to the use of the name and the cars became known simply as "Veritas" there after. Road-going cars received bodies from Hermann Spohn, however this car wears the aluminum Rennsport spider body and I believe has the 2 liter 328 engine. 

Regardless of their initial success, the cash strapped company was unable to keep pace with other post-war race offerings and closed its doors in 1953. Production of the Rennsport Veritas is said to have been between 20 to 25 cars, with 15 known survivors. This particular car may be one of the three raced by the Ecurie Belge team that won the 1949 Formula 2 Chimay Grand Prix.

A BMW Rennsport Spyder racing at Zandvoort in Holland (photo credit: www.mcarpedi.com)

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