1925 Packard Model 236 Sport Phaeton

Coburn Benson's 1925 Packard Model 236 Sport Phaeton (from the author's collection)

This image of a 1925 Packard phaeton was taken by Dad in the mid-1950s at Larz Anderson park in Brookline, MA - the home of the VMCCA at the time. There were a number of Classic era Packards that would show up at these events. As Dad remembers it, anything older than 1915 was just a used car at the time. 

This particular Packard was owned by Coburn Benson (when photographed) and is a rare Model 236 Sport Phaeton. The car is an 8-cylinder of 85hp with a lower body, hood, and radiator than the standard Packard - characterized by the "sport" series. Most of the finishes on the car were original, however the car does have some factory installed updates including the cowl lights, and a high-speed differential. Additionally, the wire wheels were also a later addition.

Mr. Benson is said to have purchased the car from architect, Lorenzo Winslow (in D.C.) who had just finished overseeing the reconstruction of the White House for President Truman. Winslow had purchased the car from the original owner, the Dutch ambassador to the United States. Mr. Benson would own many great cars over the years, but I think he knew this car was something special - he would keep the car for the next 56 years.

The car was finally offered for sale by Bonhams at their 2009 sale in Brookline, MA. The car eventually sold post the auction for $81,900 (I believe the car sold at Hershey out of the Bonhams tent). Today, the car remains in wonderful original condition and has been shown at a number of events - what a great buy.

The 1925 Packard Sport Phaeton today (photo credit: Bonhams)
A 1925 Packard Sport Phaeton when new (photo credit: The Making of Modern Michigan, MSU Libraries)


  1. Hi Steve. Nice Blog! My brothers and I inherit one like this ones (1925 Sport) from our grandfather some time ago. We still have it but, unfortunately, it's not a "user". Right now it's sit in a barn, waiting for us to wake him up from his long nap. ;-)