1958 Glidden Tour - The Model K Ford

Ford Model K on the 1958 Glidden Tour

Here's a few more images from Dad's collection of 1958 Glidden Tour pictures. I believe the Ford model K touring is Henry Austin Clark Jr - said to have been found by him just after WWII in a Chicago used car lot. I don't know who owned the roadster.

UPDATE: Dad thinks this might be Elmer and Dot Bemis from Brattleboro, VT in the Model K roadster.

Henry Austin Clark's Ford Model K

Ford Model K roadster on the 1958 Glidden Tour


  1. This very well could be Elmer and Dot Bemis from Brattleboro Vt. They did a lot of touring during the period in their 640 roadster. I can't see the plate to see if it says Vt.


  2. We have a Model K at the Seal Cove Auto Museum that belonged to John Hebden before it was sold to Dr. Samuel Scher and later acquired by Richard Paine Jr., in 1965. It was in the 55 and 57 Glidden as well as the VCCA National Meet in 57. Prior to Hebdem it was owned by Bemis, one of several Model K Fords he owned over the years. I believe the white K in the photo above to be the Bemis K he took to the 56 Anglo American Rally.

  3. Roberto, thank you for your comments. It does appear that the Model K roadster is the Bemis car. Keep up the great work at Seal Cove - fantastic collection! I'd be more than happy to publish a post about one of the car's in your collection if there's ever an interest.