2013 Pebble Beach Concours and the 1930 Lincoln Judkins Coupe

1930 Lincoln Judkins Coupe (photo credit: Richard Owen of supercars.net)

I was very pleased to see David Schultz's 1930 Lincoln Judkins Coupe win a class award at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance - Congratulations. David is a passionate Classic Car guy and past-president of the CCCA. I believe he also judged at Pebble Beach this year. 

J.B. Judkins Company was a coachbuilder out of Amesbury, MA. They built custom body's for many premier brands in the early years. According to Mark Theobald at coachbuilt.com, Judkins had been building custom bodies for Lincoln prior to Ford's take-over of Lincoln in 1922. Judkins would expand it's output for Lincoln thereafter, building custom series-built bodies at it's Merrimac plant. (Judkins had opened a new plant in 1919 to serve a large order of production bodies for mercer and called the enterprise Merrimac). The two door coupe was the second most popular Judkins body built for Lincoln.

David Schultz's 1930 Lincoln Judkins Coupe (photo from the author's collection)

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