1958 Glidden Tour - Stevens Duryea

1911 Stevens Duryea on the 1958 Glidden Tour

More from the 1958 Glidden Tour - here is a lovely 1911 Stevens Duryea. Frank Duryea, after splitting with his brother Charles joined forces with the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co of Springfield, MA in 1901. The Company would produce high quality cars (Frank was a very capable engineer) in small quantities through 1927 (though Frank left in 1915).

This car is said to have been owned by Morris Kunkle - who I believe was from PA. Mr. Kunkle owned a number of cars and later served as president of the AACA in 1970. There was another 1911 Stevens Duryea around this same time owned by Nelson Rieger of OH (I don't have an image of that car).

I believe this to be the same 1911 Stevens Duryea today (photo credit: conceptcarz.com)

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