1958 Glidden Tour - Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Phantom I Brewster Derby (chassis S244KR?)

Here's a look at three Springfield-built Rolls-Royce Phantom I's at the 1958 Glidden Tour. After looking at these photos carefully, it's apparent that these are three different cars. Dad had suspected that the Brewster Ascot might be Dr. Charles Dufton's car, however it doesn't appear to be so. Looking back it's amazing to see two Brewster Derby Speedsters and an Ascot on the same tour! Brewster & Co. is said to have only bodied 5 Springfield Phantom I chassis with the Derby coachwork originally (4 are said to survive) and only 28 with Ascot touring coachwork.

It's possible that one of these cars is chassis S244KR owned around this time by C.N. Melhinch of New Jersey, but not I'm not certain of this. If any knows who owned these cars at the time, please leave me a message.

UPDATE: Dad believes that the last car shown - the Ascot - is being driven Charlie Dufton. It's known Dufton had an Ascot and I've seen a light bodied car with dark fenders attributed to Dufton. However, Dad remembers Dufton driving an all black Ascot as well.

UPDATE II: One of our readers believes the car below is chassis S154FR - owned for many years by John McFarlane. He goes on to note that Dufton's Ascot was chassis S215RM. Thanks for the comments and this great information. 

Another Rolls-Royce Brewster Derby on the 1958 Glidden Tour

Rolls-Royce Brewster Ascot at the 1958 Glidden Tour - Dr. Charles Dufton (?)


  1. As far as I know there were 20 Derby's made (including Speedsters with the upswept rearwings).

  2. I have a picture from 1952 of #S244KR with mister Melhinch next to it.
    It didn't have the scuttle mounted lights as in your first picture.
    The wheels were all black and it had whitewalls (which all could have been changed by 1958...).
    I also have a picture from 1975 with Mr. Dufton's Ascot #S215RM.

    1. Anton - Thanks for the great information. If you'd like to email your photos to: vintagemotoring@gmail.com - I'd be happy to post them here.

  3. The middle car is #S154FR (careful checking the registration plate reveals the number!)
    Owned for more than 30 years by well known RROC member and Flying Lady editor John McFarlane.