1958 Glidden Tour - Pierce-Arrow

1915 Pierce-Arrow on the 1958 Glidden Tour - driven by Dr. Wendall Stadle (?)

Seen here are three wonderful, early Pierce-Arrow's from the 1958 Glidden Tour. I believe the first car shown is a 1915 Model 48 owned by Dr. Wendell Stadle at the time. Dr. Stadle, from Michigan, was the president of the VMCCA (1958-1959) at the time of this tour and I'm guessing that is why his car wears the #1 tour badge.

Dad believes the next car, a 1910 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 SS Demi-Tonneau, to have been part of the Lyons Collection and is seen with Ernie Holmes - the car's caretaker at the time. Does anyone know where this car is today?

The last car seen looks to be another 1910 or 1911 Pierce-Arrow Demi-Tonneau. I don't know who this car was associated with at the time. It's interesting to note that the car has been restored with incorrect (non-Pierce-Arrow) top irons. Three great cars all the same.

UPDATE: One of our blog readers believes he's identified the last Pierce-Arrow pictured below (the Demi-Tonneau). Seen at the 2005 Modoc Tour, this car was owned at the time by Frank Miller.
1910 Pierce-Arrow from the Lyon's Collection(?)
1910 or 1911 Pierce-Arrow Demi-Tonneau on the 1958 Glidden Tour

Believed to be the Demi-Tonneau pictured above (photo credit: C. Feichtmeir)

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  1. My Dad...John I.Walters spent a year painting that Pierce Arrow. My parents and me have ridden in it with Dr. Stadle.