1958 Glidden Tour - Packard

1912 Packard Roadster at the 1958 Glidden Tour - driven by J. R. NcNutt

Although there were a few classic era Packard's seen at the 1958 Glidden Tour, this 1912 Model 30 Roadster caught my eye. Sitting in front of the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH, I believe this car was owned by J. R. McNutt of Akron, OH at the time. I know of two other 1912 Packard model 30 roadsters (the last year of the t-head 4 cylinder), but neither is this car. Does anyone know where this car is today?

UPDATE: One of our readers believes this Packard is actually a 1911 (chassis #15873) and presently owned by Bob Erausquin in Ohio.

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  1. Steve, if you refer to www.packardsonline.com you can find the present owner of Joe McNutt's Model 18.