1958 Glidden Tour - Meredith Auto Museum

The Meredith Auto Museum of Glen & Judy Gould

Here's a picture of the Meredith Auto Museum - a stop on the 1958 Glidden Tour. The Museum was the home to Glen & Judy Gould's collection of cars. Glen and Judy were friends of Dad's and I remember visiting with them as a kid each year at the AACA's Hershey gathering. In the 1970s they moved the collection to Wells, Maine and the the museum still exist today (Glen & Judy have passed, but the museum is run by thier kids): www.wellsautomuseum.com.

I believe the two cars seen out front (by the sign) are Glen's Pathfinder roadster and Charlie Hoyt's 1920 Rolls-Royce Pall-Mall Ghost (chassis 106FW).

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  1. Sad to say that the museum in Wells was closed for good in 2013. Most of the cars have been sold off as of this posting. One of the Directors at the Seal Cove Auto Museum has purchased a couple of them, so at least some of the cars remain in Maine.