1958 Glidden Tour - 1901 3-Wheel Knox

3-wheel Knox on the 1958 Glidden Tour

This is another in my series of posts looking back at the 1958 Glidden Tour. I have had a number of comments over the past few days and have gone back to some of these posts and written updates, so please check them out.

This shot of the Hupmobile, Knox, and Olds is one of my favorites. I've driven some 100 year old cars, but never have I toured in a tiller steer or 3-wheeled car. What an adventure!

There were a number of curved-dash Olds on the 1958 Glidden Tour and I'm not certain who this is - maybe Herb Singe from NJ? However, the 1901 3-wheel Knox (Model A) was owned at the time by Rodger Johnson of South Hadley, MA. Ironically, on my recent visit to the Springfield Museums in Springfield, MA my son took a picture of a 3-wheel Knox. Knox was made in Springfield, MA from 1900 through 1914.

There are at least three, 3-wheel, Knox cars that I know of - maybe more.

1901 Knox Model A in the Springfield Museum

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