Thomas Flyer - Model 6-70 Flyabout

Back in November of last year I posted a blog about the E.R. Thomas Company. Blog reader Vic Milam, responded by sending a very interesting and puzzling photo of a 1911 Thomas Flyer, model 6-70 Flyabout. The car is photographed, in Atlanta in 1911, in front of The Auto Company - agents for the Thomas Flyer and Oakland automobiles. Stamped on the back of the photo is: Francis E. Price, Journalistic and Commercial Photographer, Sixth Floor Constitution Building, Bell Phone 746 Main. Atlanta, Ga.

Francis Price (1886-1928) was a pioneering photo journalist in the south. He was the first staff photographer hired by the Atlanta Constitution newspaper (he was hired in 1909 and worked there until his death in 1928). Price photographed many subjects including the Atlanta Good Roads Tours of 1910.

The glass on top of the photo has some interesting writing as well: First Auto Trip Tampa to Pittsburgh, 1911, Thomas Car, Passengers Rodgers - Dog, E.P.Y, Sam, Shorpe. 1911 was the year the Glidden tour traveled through Atlanta (New York to Jacksonville, FL), however this shot doesn't seem to match as there are no markings on the car typical of the the Glidden event. It appears to be later than the Atlanta Good Roads Tours - held in anticipation of the Glidden to promote road conditions in the area. I've not yet found any reference to this endurance run, however it was not uncommon for the E.R. Thomas company (and other manufactures of the day) to align with a local agent to sponsor a publicity run such as this. Additionally, I've tried to research the names noted on the glass, but to no avail.

My apologies to Vic for taking so long to post these great photos. If you have any insight into the individuals or event shown herein, please leave me a comment - all thoughts are welcome.

1911 Thomas model 6-70 Flyabout (photo credit: Vic Milam)

First Auto Trip Tampa to Pittsburgh (photo credit: Vic Milam)

Francis Price - Photographer (photo credit: Atlanta Scenes: Photojournalism in the Atlanta History Center Collection)

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