Brass cars of the 2013 Amelia Island Concours

There was a great showing of quality brass cars at Amelia Island this year - not always the case with Concours events. I though I'd share a few pictures I took of the poeple and their cars. Micheal DeAngelis of CT brought his lovely 1911 Packard model 30 touring car. This is the same car that won the best of show at the New England Concours (sponsored by Hemmings Motor News) in 2011. Mark Hyman was there with a 1909 Pierce-Arrow model 36 roadster - this car is currently for sale (he's asking $275,000). This car was found on Long Island and the current body was created at the time of restoration (around 2000); it was sold to George Grew and later sold by RM Auctions who handled the sale of George's cars after his passing. Jim Grundy was there in another 1909 Pierce-Arrow which had been purchase by a relative back in the 1930s - the car was later sold and Jim has since bought back the car. Richie Clyne brought his well toured and tested 1910 Thomas Flyer model 6-70 - a substantial car and it sounded great. There were a few others as well, though I didn't know the owners, that rounded out a great field of brass cars at Amelia.

Jim Grundy driving his 1909 Pierce-Arrow model 36 demi-tonneau

Richie Clyne driving his 1910 Thomas Flyer model 6-70

Mark Hyman driving a 1909 Pierce-Arrow model 36

Micheal DeAngelis' beautiful 1911 Packard model 30

A very handsome 1913 ALCO (I believe this car was recently sold out of the Milhous Collection)

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