1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat

1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat

The Oldsmobile company was founded in 1897 (by Ransom E. Olds) and pioneered early mass production techniques in the automobile industry. By 1904, R.E. Olds had left the company that bore his name; divesting of his stock and starting REO. The Oldsmobile company became part of General Motors in 1908 - it's flagship brand.

The first car shown here is a 1911 Olds Autocrat (also know as the series 28), the largest 4-cylinder car made that year and a stark difference from  the cars the company was producing just 7 years prior. In 1911, Olds offered The Special (4-cylinder) for $3000, The Autocrat (4-cylinder) for $3500, and the The LImited (6-cylinder) for  $5000. The Autocrat seen here is a 7 passenger touring car wearing a 1911 Michigan license plate. There are also initials on the read door: W.C.A.

1913 Oldsmobile Model 53
The successor to The Limited was the new Model 53 of 1913 seen here. Three inches shorter and with less horsepower (50 hp), it sold for $3,200. The car is seen with the same driver of the 1911 Autocrat above. I'm guessing these cars are both pictured in the Lansing area and were owned by the same person (W.C.A.).

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