1909 Austin Model 60 Touring

Among the many activities at Amelia Island this year was the RM Auction which featured a number of interesting cars. One of the cars that caught my attention was the 1909 Austin model 60 (90 hp - 6 cylinder), not simply due to it's tremendous size, but because I recognized it as the car Manny Souza restored.

The Austin Automobile Company was founded in Grand Rapids. MI by James Austin and his son Walter. No relation to the English make of the same name, this company introduced it's first car in 1902 and ceased production in 1921 - always a high-end, low volume manufacturer (estimated to have only produced about 1000 over it's entire existence). The model 60 was introduced in the company's 1908 line up.

This car, one of 4 total Austin cars though to have survived, was found by the legendary Barney Pollard in the 1940s. A wonderful original car, I believe Manny purchased it from Pollard many years ago. Sometime after it's restoration, Manny showed the car at Hershey (2010) - the same year we showed our 1909 Pierce-Arrow. The two cars sat side by side, making the Pierce look small in comparison.

This car sold for $345,000 (not including the buyers premium) at RM Auction's 2013 Amelia Island sale.

ex Manny Souza 1909 Austin model 60 at the 2013 RM Auction at Amelia Island

The 90 hp, six-cylinder engine of the 1909 Austin model 60 Touring car

The Austin exhibit at the 1907 New York Auto Show (photo credit: Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, Nov., 1907)

Ad for the new Austin model 60 cars (photo credit: Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, Nov., 1907)

Barney Pollard driving the 1909 Austin in the 1953 Glidden Tour

The 1909 Austin being shown at Hershey in 2010 by Manny Souza

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