Rod Blood's 1907 Packard Model 30 Roadster - Model by Saul Santos

Rod Blood driving his 1907 Packard Model 30 Roadster (chassis 3924)
Saul Santos book


I've written about Rod Blood and his many Packards in the past. Arguably his favorite, this 1907 Packard Model 30 Roadster (chassis 3924), was in fantastic original shape when Rod purchased the car in 1940. When Dad was a kid, and involved with the VMCCA, he came to know Rod well and often rode in this car. The picture of Rod driving the model 30 roadster (seen here) was taken by Dad in the mid-1950s.
Because of Dad's association with Rod and this car, he jumped at the chance to purchase the Saul Santos built model of this car (chassis 3924). After a bit of arm-twisting and negotiation, Dad was able to acquire this from a family friend who came across this model within a group of other items.

Mr. Santos was a well-know model builder of the 1950s-1960s. He was commissioned by significant collectors of the day, including George Waterman, James Melton, Henry Austin Clark, Jr., and William Harrah. It's been suggested that when he finished a model he would deliver it in person - the cost of his travel being part of the price. I'm not sure who commissioned this model, but my guess would be George Waterman who purchased the car at auction after Rod's passing.



  1. Rod came over to our house in this car almost daily

  2. Rod came over to our house F.H. GARDNER's almost daily in that car and us kids would often go for a ride around the neighborhood.

  3. Nancy - Thank you so much for your comments. I'm not sure if you remember my father hanging around during those times (he would have been around 14 years old at the time)? Dad, would ride his bike over to Frank's or Rod's and they were both very generous with their time and influenced his passion for cars.