1925 Roll-Royce Silver Ghost (S315RK)

1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (S315RK) seen on a postcard published by the Long Island Auto Museum

This is a 1925 Springfield Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (S315RK) Picadilly roadster. These bodies are most often referred too as Rolls-Royce Custom Coach Works (RRCCW), however this is car was most likely bodied by Merrimac (for RRCCW). This particular car is said to have been purchased new by A.H. Palmer. Sometime after it found it's way to Mark Gibbons who was on the Board of Trustees for the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA. Mr. Gibbons was an avid sportsman and wrote for an number of motor magazines as well as recounted his many exploits in yachting. Gibbons sold the car to Rick Carroll, who had it restored - it can be seen in the postcard image seen herein. Mr. Carroll's collection was legendary - auctioned by Sotheby's at the Breakers Hotel after the tragic accident that ended his life. During his lifetime, Mr. Carroll commissioned a scale model built of S315RK which now sits in Dad's collection. I shot a quick video of model recently - seen here. The car still exists and is thought to have gone to Switzerland after the Carroll auction, where it is presumed it still resides.


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  1. Thanks Steve for the post card of the Springfield RR, it's a cool model in any scale.