1924 Paige 6-70 De Luxe Phaeton

1924 Paige 6-70 De Luxe Phaeton

In 1924, Paige was reaping the benefits of strong sales of their Jewett line of cars (named after H.M. Jewett, the company president). Production was up to 100 cars a day due to the Jewett cars being built in their own, new factory. The added production capacity enabled Paige to reduce the price of it's cars - dropping the cost of the De Luxe Phaeton from $2450.00 to $1995.00 for 1924. The De Luxe Phaeton was a seven passenger, 6 cylinder car developing 75hp. Interestingly, this same year Paige made the chassis of the 6-70 available for the first time to buyers who desired a custom body.

The car pictured hear wears a 1925 Washington state license plate. The picture is stamped on the back: L.R. Dale, 52-56 Cobb Building, Seattle, Wash. I could find little information on L.R. Cobb (the University of Washington has a small sample of his work). However, Dale followed in a rich history of Seattle portrait photographers going back to Edward & Asahel Curtis. The Cobb building (named of C.H. Cobb, a Northwest Lumberman) was constructed in 1910, part of a move to establish a new "city within the city" on the former campus of the University of Washington. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, it still stands today.

In 1927, The Graham Brothers, one of the largest truck manufactures in the country, would buy out the Paige-Detroit Company and go on to significantly increase production - the company would be renamed Graham-Paige.

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