1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Pall Mall Touring (106FW)

1920 Rolls-Royce Ghost Pall mall Touring (106FW) when owned by Charlie Hoyt
This car, a 1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Pall Mall Touring - chassis 106FW, had a big impact on my father when he was growing up. Owned by Charles S. Hoyt of Springdale Farm, Dover, MA, this car fueled a passion for early Rolls-Royces in my father. 

The car was first ordered for M.M. Cunniff, but it appears he never took possession and the car was ultimately delivered in April of 1921 to Sam Hodgson of Concord, NH with a 7 passenger Brooks-Ostruk body. By 1927, the car had been re-bodied (with this handsome RRCCW Pall Mall Touring), most likely upon Hodgson trading in the car. Charlie Hoyt purchased the car soon after it's restoration in 1950. The car had been properly refinished inside and out, including rebuilding of the motor and re-nickeling the bright work.

Charlie and Gladys lived within a short bike ride of my Dad and he would often go over and ride in this car. Dad was sorry to see Charlie sell the Ghost. In 1956, Hoyt advertised the car for sale in "The Flying Lady" (the Rolls-Royce Owner's Club publication). Listed in issue 56-1 for $4500.00, Hoyt would drop his price in the next issue to $4450.00. In the ad he noted that he would consider a trade for an early brass car or a Bentley. When Dad first meet Charlie he drove a 1948 Cadillac (daily driver) and would soon trade for a 1948 Bentley Mark IV. Hoyt would go on to own a Bentley Mark VI  and Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn.

The car was lost to us until it appeared recently listed for sale by Charles S. Crail - a well known dealer of vintage Rolls-Royces. Still wearing the 1950 restoration, it now has a wonderful patina. If only there was another spot in the garage.

1920 Rolls-Royce (106FW) now owned by Charles Crail (photo credit: Charles S. Crail)


  1. Great personal story... Just been looking at the car on ebay.
    I live very close to Springdale Farm, in Sherborn MA.
    I'm a big vintage RR fan, and love the history of the cars.
    I also have no room in my garage, not to mention my bank account.. :-)
    Thank you very much


    1. Thanks for your comment, Ian - I too am a little short in both departments.

      Thanks for reading the blog, Steve