Duesenberg J-466

This image of Duesenberg J-466 (chassis 2484) is stamped on the back:
A. Ward Shanen
Unusual Motor Cars
2444 S. Orkney Street
Philadelphia 48, PA.
World's Finest Autombiles (yes, it's misspelled on the stamp)

Duesenberg J-466
A. Ward Shanen (1915 - 1997) was a native of Philadelphia and the address listed would most likely have been his home address (the address is a typical south Philadelphia row house). I could find little information on Mr. Shanen other than the advertisement in the back of Popular Mechanics from May of 1948. He seems to have been a seller of all things automotive. Shanen must have been making and selling duplicate prints from images he acquired as these Duesenberg prints come up for sale on ebay from time to time - all stamped with his name.

Duesenberg J-466 (photo credit: ACD Museum Archive)
This particular car is quite unique as there are though to have been only two model J Duesenberg's bodied by Letourneur et Marchand, as this car is. Referred to as a Special Riviera Faux Cabriolet Coupe, it has a interesting door handle location - center-door. Jean-Marie Letourneur and Jean-Arthur Marchand - 1905 to 1959 - built one-off custom bodies after WWI for a number of manufacturer's chassis - mostly French. The majority of their output around this time was for Delage, as they filled an order for 2,000 bodies for the DI chassis (series-customs).

Photo Credit: Popular Mechanics, May 1948
J-466 is said to have been originally purchased by the Marquis de Portago. This would had to have been Antonio Cabeza de Vaca de Carvajal - the 16th Marques de Portago, who died in 1941. He inherited a very important Spanish title and was a well known sportsman and polo player of the day. Sometimes confused with his son, ‪Alfonso de Portago‬ or Fon de Portago, who was born in 1928. It was the son, who's crash of his Ferrari in the 1957 Mille Miglia - killing himself and numerous spectators, resulted in the demise of the storied event.

The car is not thought to have survived.

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