Panhard et Levassor in Harmon, NY

Panhard et Levassor in Harmon, NY (circa 1907)
The Horseless Age - Dec, 25, 1907
This photo is inscribed “taken in Harmon, N.Y. July 9th”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t state a year. However after a bit of research, it turns out that Harmon, NY (whose name changed to Harmon-Croton in 1913) was opened for residential development upon the purchase of the Van Cortland farm in 1903 (550 acres). Named for Clifford B. Harmon, the real estate developer and aviation pioneer, the area really started to grow after the train station opened in 1906. Harmon's early ads for the area promised free train tickets to anyone who wanted to come up and look at the properties.

This image appears to show one of those eager new residents with plans in hand. I’m no expert on the Panhard brand, but this looks like a 1906 or 1907 Panhard et Levassor U1 (35hp) car. Around this time Panhard produced many models of varying horsepower (over 10 different models). The American operations for Panhard et Levassor were established in New York City in 1903 by Andre Massenat and this car would have most likely been imported by him and sold in the NYC dealership.


  1. Hi. I publish a blog about the history of the Croton-Harmon area and I ran across this wonderful photo. Do you own the original photo or did you find this online? If you own it are there other photos of the Harmon area? I've never seen a photo like this. I agree that it appears to be a prospective buyer. Given the flat topography I think it shows the first section of Harmon to be developed between Benedict Blvd. and Onieda Ave. My blog is

  2. Marc - Thanks for your comments. I do own the original image - I'm a car guy, so I have many images of cars, but this is the only image of Croton-Harmon (that I know of). I'm happy to share it with you and you blog. You can reach me at