1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental Sport Saloon (114MS)

1932 Phantom II Continental (114MS) when owned by Frank Poole

When Dad was growing up in MA, and a member of the VMCCA, he would often stop over at Frank Poole’s. Frank was an executive with the telephone company and lived in Needham. Dad loved riding in his 1932 Rolls–Royce PII Continental and has many stories to tell of trips taken in the car. Dad was sorry when Frank sold it to purchase a 1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Town Car. Not much more was known of the car until it came to auction in 2011 at Gooding & Co’s Scottsdale sale (it sold for $192,500 – if only there was one more spot in the garage).
Rolls-Royce (114MS) in 2011 (photo credit: Gooding & Co)
This car has an interesting history (told in the Gooding & Co auction catalog) that starts with Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkin. Mrs. Wilkin was the wife of Capt. Wilkin, a British officer stationed in Bangalore, India. Upon their arrival, Mrs. Wilkin apparently set about securing an automobile befitting her status. She ordered this Rolls-Royce through the dealer in Bombay. The car is said to have a few special features due to its service in India, including an extensive tool set. Mrs. Wilkin returned to the US in 1936 (bringing the car with her), and once back, purchased a mansion in Malvern Village, New Hampshire. The car remained in storage until 1949, when Mrs. Wilkin sold the car to Frank Poole. Frank only owned the car for five years, but they certainly made an impression on one young car enthusiast.

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