1929 Du Pont Roadster - Model G

1929 Du Pont Model G roadster at Hershey

1929 Du Pont in Los Angeles (photo credit: Huntington Library Collection)
I took this picture of a 1929 Du Pont roaster (model G) at Hershey this past October. Of the estimated 600 total cars produced by the Du Pont Motor Company, few remain. E. Paul du Pont founded the company to produce marine engines for the Allied war effort in World War I.  They introduced their first automobiles at the 1919 International Salon held at the Commodore Hotel in New York City. The model G was introduced in1928, with a 125hp straight-eight engine. These luxury cars were bodied by some of the best firms of the day with Merrimac being the largest supplier (said to be over 120 bodies).  The car seen here was bodied by Waterhouse of Webster, MA. According to coachbuilt.com, Osborne Waterhouse had overseen the manufacture of du Pont’s production bodies, and when the Waterhouse firm opened it’s doors, arranged for Waterhouse to get a portion of their business. E. Paul du Pont even visited the Webster, MA facilities in 1928 to make a preliminary inspection of the new coachbuilder. Waterhouse would end up finishing 82 Du Pont chassis between 1929 and 1932. At the time this car was built, Du Pont had four dealer show rooms across the country: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. The second picture shown (from the Huntington Library’s collection in Los Angeles) would have been sold out of the Los Angeles showroom at 3733 Wilshire Boulevard.
E. Paul du Pont became President of Indian Motorcycles in 1930, saving Indian from impending financial ruin. The Du Pont Motor Company ceased building cars in 1932 (due to the depression) and was merged with the Indian Company.

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