1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (25EB) Landaulette by Barker

1914 Rolls-Royce (25EB)
1914 Rolls-Royce (25EB) today (photo credit: RM Auctions)
Here’s an interesting photo of a Baker Landaulette on the 1914 Rolls-Royce Sliver ghost chassis 25EB. I believe the photo is a Barker & Company image. The car still exists today with its original body intact. It’s interesting to note the difference in how Baker finished the car and how its been restored. I find this to be a common occurrence where contemporary restorations are often more elaborate than the original presentation.
Baker was the favored body maker of Rolls-Royce in its early years. The company was at its peak when this car was completed with over a 100 bodies under construction at any one time. However the company struggled to keep step with competitors and fell into receivership in 1938 when it was taken over by its long-term rival Hooper & Co.

Helen Brice (photo credit:Spanierman Gallery)
This car (25EB) has an interesting history starting with being imported into the US by the New York Rolls-Royce distributor and agent for Barker Coachworks, Robert W. Schuette. It was sold to Miss Helen Brice of Manhattan and Newport. Miss Brice was the daughter of Senator & Mrs. Calvin S. Brice- railway and banking magnate and U.S. senator from Ohio.  Helen was a well-known figure in the social circles of the times and can be seen here in a portrait by John Singer Sargent. In 1959, the car found its way to the Henry Ford Museum. Purchased in 1971 by the noted collector Ben Moser, it travel through a number of hands before ending up with Richard Solove who commissioned its restoration. Sold most recently from the John O’Quinn estate at RM’s 2012 Arizona sale, the car passed into new hands for $550,000.

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