1912 Packard 30 model UE

1912 Packard in Honolulu, Hawaii
This recently acquired photo shows what I believe to be a 1912 Packard model UE. The model UE is a 40hp, 4 cylinders, 7-person touring car on a 123.5 inch wheelbase. The 1911 model UD and the 1912 model UE look very similar, but I believe this car is a 1912. What makes this photo interesting is that it is inscribed on the back “Honolulu, HI”.

There were over a 1000 cars registered in Honolulu by 1912 (more than I would have thought) and the city was quite cosmopolitan. Starting in 1907, Packard was represented by the von Hamm-Young Company of Honolulu. The company was an established and sizable importer of machinery, automobiles, textiles, and other business entities such as insurance. Through a subsidiary, the American- Hawaiian Motors Co., von Hamm-Young would run a large automobile and garage business. Partners Conrad von Hamm, Alexander and Archibald Young, were influential in the Honolulu Iron Works, Sugar plantations, and the hotel business - the Young’s founded the Hawaiian resort industry. The company is said to have brought the first cars, refrigerators, gasoline stations and radios to the islands.

The location of the photo is curious (not very tropical looking) and may be taken in front of a roadside marker. I’ve been unable to identify the passengers in the car.

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  1. I just bought 43 glass plate negatives. I believe most of them pertain to the von Hamm-Young Co., which is odd because I bought these in Vermont. I just posted something about it to the ACAA Facebook page. I plan to have the negatives professionally scanned or printed.