Two Packards touring Wisconsin

Two Packards touring Wisconsin - circa 1921
Dad and I found this photograph at Hershey a few years ago and it's one of my favorites. These folks are quite a stylish group, touring Wisconsin in their Packards. If you look closely you’ll see that they are stopped at the shore of a lake. Could this be the shore of lake Winnebago? Wisconsin has roughly 15,000 lakes, so I’m not sure we’ll ever know for sure. I count 13 people in the picture and two 7-passenger touring cars – that’s a tight squeeze.

1915 Packard model 3-38 (photo credit: Detroit Public Library)
The Packard on the right looks to me to be a 1915 model 3-38 touring car. The model 3-38 is a 6 cylinder, 38 hp car (with the 7 passenger touring riding on the 140-inch wheelbase). The Packard on the left appears to be a third series twin six - a 1919 3-35 Twin 6 Touring. The model 3-35 is a 12 cylinder, 90 hp car (with the 7 passenger touring riding on the 136-inch wheelbase). They sold 2715 of these in 1919 at a base price of $3850.00. 
1919 Packard model 3-35 twin six (photo credit: Detroit Public Library)

Factory fitted luggage for your Packard (photo credit: Detroit Public Library)
One of the things that I like about the image is the dress and luggage seen in the photo. The Detroit Public Library has a wonderful collection of factory Packard photos and among them was a shot of the vast variety of luggage options available to the Packard buyer - a few of which we can see on the Wisconsin cars.

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