1928 Mercedes 710 Type SS

Mercedes Type SS in Bayreuth, Germany - circa 1937

Mercedes Type SS - could this be the same car? (photo credit: autoevolution.com)
Hans Schemm's Mercedes in the Deutsches Museum in Munich (photo credit: Mattes)
This picture from 1937 is interesting for a couple reasons. The first being the car in the foreground, looking almost new, this 1928 Mercedes is close to a decade old. More specifically, it is a 1928 Mercedes 710 Type SS (W06 – Mercedes’ internal designation for the engine/model). A total of 111 Type SS cars were made between 1928 and 1933 with two variations of the potent 7.1 liter supercharged straight 6 offered (I’m not sure which this car is). The first is the (27/160/200) and the second is the (27/170/225) – 170 refers to the normally aspirated horsepower and 225 referrers to the blown horsepower (at the top of the rev band). The body on the car looks like other Sindelfingen bodies (Sindelfingen was a subsidiary of Mercedes; Sindelfingen is also the name of a town where Mercedes has a factory), however this car has a unique front fender treatment? Is this the work of a different coachbuilder? Additionally, you’ll note the tank sitting behind the right front fender; could this be an oil reservoir for the supercharger?  Check out the seat covers and flag stands at the front corners (barely visible at the left front).

The other interesting aspect to this picture is that it was taken in Bayreuth, Germany just north of Nurnberg off the A9. Famous for its annual Bayreuth Festival, which celebrates the operas of the German composer Richard Wagner, it was also the Nazi capital of the Bavarian region in 1937. The first Nazi party leader for the region was Hans Schemm. Hans acquired a Mercedes Type SS in 1932 and I believe it was the car shown here. However, it’s unlikely that the driver (note the fashionable skull cap he’s wearing) is Hans, as Schemm died in an airplane accident in 1935. So who’s driving in this photo?

If anyone has more information on this car or picture, please leave me a comment.

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