1924 Rolls-Royce Ghost – body by Locke

1924 Springfield Silver Ghost (chassis S283PK) - body by Locke

1924 Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost (chassis S283PK), a Locke convertible sedan. Owned by Richard Scarsella in 1973, this car placed 1st in the Late Ghost class at the RROC annual meet. S283PK would have been produced in the second to last series of Ghosts built in Springfield (the T series – ranging from S51LK to S408FK).

Coachbuilders who supplied bodywork for the Springfield Silver Ghost without Rolls-Royce Custom Coachworks (RRCCW) badges included the Locke Company.
It is unknown how many Ghost chassis were bodied by Locke, however a small percentage of Locke-built bodies may also have had RRCCW builder plates.

Justus Locke opened his own body works in New York City in 1903 with the financial support of the Fleischmann family. After World War I, they moved to larger facilitates and became the New York distributor for Hotchkiss. Through the teens and twenties Locke built custom bodies on some of the most prestigious chassis, including Duesenberg, Mercedes, and Rolls-Royce. Locke passed away at the age of 61 in 1925 and Charles Fleischmann took over. Between 1925 and 1932, a second plant in Rochester was opened to manufacture production bodies for Lincoln and Chrysler. However, with the weight of the depression, Fleischmann is forced to close the Rochester plant and their Manhattan facility in 1932. They would survive for five more years refurbishing cars; closing for good in 1937.

Unfortunately, I have little information on this photo. The car was apparently owned by a Mr. Hanson at the time the photo was taken. Note the very distinctive Dealer plate the car wears. I’d be interested to hear from anyone of could tell me more about the car or were it resides today.

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