1906 Rambler Type 3 Surrey

1906 Rambler Type 3 Surrey (owned by Dick King?) - 2012 Hershey

Jim's unrestored 1906 Rambler Type 3 Surrey
Just back from the AACA Eastern Fall Meet in Hershey, PA. I always look forward to October and meeting Dad in PA - this was my 37th year attending. You never know what you'll see at Hershey and this year a 1906 Rambler caught my attention. The Rambler was produced by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company; they started producing cars in 1902 in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Jeffery had been experimenting with automobiles since 1897). Thomas Jeffery died in 1910 while on vacation in Pompeii, Italy. His son Charles took over the company and in 1913/14 renamed their cars, Jeffery, in honor of his father. Charles survived the sinking of the Lusitania (1915), and in 1917, sold the company to Charles Nash (who renamed the company and brought back the Rambler nameplate). The beautifully restored Type 3 Surrey seen here was being driven about the fields of Hershey by Stu Laidlaw - a restorer out of CT. Mr. Laidlaw often services the cars of the Richard King Collection (also from CT), and this car may be one of Dick Kings. Interestingly, on a garage tour of a collector in Tucson last year, I saw another 1906 Rambler Type 3 Surrey - unrestored. For a great vintage picture of the 1906 Type 3 Surrey go to: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=41296.

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