1905 Locomobile

A 1905 Locomobile Model E
This is an interesting photo of a 1905 Locomobile Model E. In 1905, Locomobile had introduced a new line up of all 4 cylinder cars. It's also the year the company would start it's racing program with an impressive third place finish at the Vanderbilt Cup. The Model E was the smallest car offered for 1905; a 15/20 hp five passenger side entrance tonneau. Offered at $2800.00, Locomobile produced 199 of the model E in 1905 (chassis numbers 380 through 579). The Model E was unique in that the car was a dual chain drive (unusual for a lower horsepower car) and sold with Locomobile's hammer and spark, "make or break" ignition (magneto without a coil). The other options in 1905 included the Model D (20/25 hp priced at $3700.00), the Model H (30/35 hp priced at $5000.00), and the Model F (40/45 hp priced at $7500.00).

The picture seems to illustrate two gentlemen enjoying the day in some wealthy north-eastern coastal community (maybe Long Island?). The nature of their clothing and the size of the homes - not to mention they're driving a Locomobile - would indicate that they were people of an upper economic strata. If you click on the image to enlarge, you'll see that they have fastened the umbrella so that it won't be blown away while driving. This car shows no signs of having been sold with a top which would have been an extra cost. I'd love to know where this was taken.

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