The Winton Six

1909 Winton Six at Amelia Island - ex J.B. Van Sciver car?
1911 Winton Six at 2007 RM Auction sale (photo credit:

1910 Winton Six (photo credit: Hemmings Blog)
1910 Winton Six (photo credit: Utah State Historical Society)
The Winton Motor Car Company was founded by Alexander Winton, a true American automotive pioneer, in Cleveland, OH. Before 1900, they were one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles in the US. By 1909, they had introduced their "big six" 6 cylinder car - the model Six-Teen-Six. In 1910 the model name was changed to the "model 17". Few of the big Winton's from this time remain, and I could find reference to only one 1909 (model Six-Teen-Six). This 1909 was once owned by J.B. Van Sciver Jr. The Van Sciver family was from the Camden, NJ area, but Joseph Bishop Van Sciver Jr. grew up on his father's estate in Chestnut Hill (outside Philadelphia). He owned many great early cars and I believe it is this same car that I photographed at Amelia Island in 2009. Restored by Stu Laidlaw, I believe the car was owned by Dick King at the time. There is also a 1911 Winton Six that was in the Harrah collection and later in the Swigart Automotive Museum. This car was described as a 1910 when sold (along with numerous other cars from the Swigart collection) in 2007 by RM Auctions (at their Hershey sale). The car sold for $209,000, however it is a 1911 as it has front doors. This car is now owned by a friend - Gunner Gudmunson in CT. 

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  1. Around this time Winton offered compressed air starter, which could also pump up the tires.