The Stutz DV32 Super Bearcat

George's Stutz DV32 Super Bearcat
In a last great effort by a the celebrated brand, Stutz would take their "Safety Stutz" straight eight engine and give it a new four valves per cylinder head, increasing power by 40%. The DV32 would turn out 156 hp from 322 cubic inches; darn good for 1929. Other than the model J Duesenberg, this engine produced more power per cubic inch than any other American offering at the time. In 1932, Stutz would place the DV32 engine in a short chassis (116 inches), wrap it in a Weymann fabric body, and call it the Super Bearcat. By 1935, the Stutz Motor Car Company had closed it's doors.  It's unclear how many Super Bearcat's Stutz actually produced, but today there are said to be fewer than 10 left. I could find reference to 6 or 7 cars.

You never know what might show up at an impromptu gathering of vintage car guys in New England. The car shown here belongs to a Massachusetts collector with a number of wonderful cars - this Super Bearcat included among them.  

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