The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

The Ferrari 250 Gt Lusso (photo credit:
A friend's Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso (Luxury) debuted at the Paris Auto Show in 1962. The last road car on the 250 platform, it used the time tested, Colombo designed 3.0 liter V-12 (240 hp). This engine had seen use for over a decade and in the Lusso featured single overhead camshafts per bank with two valves per cylinder. Over the next 18 months, Ferrari would sell 350 examples (some say 355) to everyone from celebrities, such as Steve McQeen (chassis 4891), to Chuck Jordon - legendary automotive designer at GM. For me, Chuck Jordon's purchase says a lot as I feel the 250 GT Lusso is arguably the prettiest road car Ferrari ever built. Designed by another legend, Sergio PininFarina, and built by Sergio Scaglietti at their workshop on the edge of Modena - in fact this was the first Ferrrari to carry a badge (designo di Pininfarina) indicating that the car was designed, but not built by Pininfarina. The Pinifarina design firm was started by Sergio's father Battista "Pinin" (youngest) Farina in the 1930's. Pininfarina is still a highly regarded design firm, best know for their work in transportation, they are also involved with numerous products (from ski boots to kitchen faucets). Sergio Pininfarina, a gifted designer in his own right, died this past July at the age of 85.

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