A Three Cylinder Rolls-Royce

1904/1905 Rolls-Royce 15hp 3 cylinder car

The Rolls-Royce 15hp 3 cylinder engine
Henry Royce made his first car in 1904 at his Manchester factory (an electrical / mechanical business started in 1884). Later that year, Royce and Rolls met, forming their famous alliance. Royce produced a number of additional cars in 1904 per their agreement - by the third car, they would take the name Rolls-Royce. In 1906, Rolls-Royce Limited was officially formed and by 1908 a new factory was established in Derby. The first Royce car was a 10hp, 2 cylinder, however within the year Royce also built a 15hp, 3 cylinder car as well. The car pictured here is a one of the six 3 cylinder cars produced (by agreement with Rolls). I believe it's shown sitting next to the Cooke Street facility in Manchester. It is believed that the 3 cylinder engine was discontinued due to the fact that the cylinders had to be cast independently; unlike the 10hp - 2 cylinder, 20hp - 4 cylinder, and 30hp - 6 cylinder cars - all cast in pairs. The engine shown is most likely that of the only surviving 3 cylinder Rolls-Royce (registration SD-661). It appears to show the car prior to restoration - you'll note the lack of belts and plug wires. I believe this car resides in Scotland's Museum of Travel and Transport in Glasgow.

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