Saoutchik Bodied Mercedes

Saoutchik bodied Mercedes 680 model S owned at the time by Leo Warila
This photo was taken by Dad back in the 1950's at a VMCCA event at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum - home to the VMCCA at the time. Dad states the car was then owned by Leo Warila. Mr. Warila was a well know auto repair/restoration shop owner in the area who bought and sold many cars over the years. It's unknown how long Warila had this car (I've written about another Mercedes 680 that Leo owned - he certainly had access to some spectacular cars!). This 1928 Mercedes 680 S is quite unique as it wears "Torpedo Roadster" body work by Jacques Saoutchik. Saoutchik was a Paris based coachbuilder (1906-1952) who would have been considered one of the most fashionable body builders at the time this Mercedes was finished. It is estimated that Saoutchik bodied 12 Mercedes 680 model S chassis (and 6 model SS chassis). 7 of the the 12 were left hand drive - as this car is and all the cars are slightly different in their detailing. I can find reference to 5 of these cars that appear to have survived. I believe this car still survives although I don't know who owns it currently. The car has been restored in black with red wheels and accents. I base this assumption on the accessory lights seen on this car - they are not 1950s additions, but authentic to the period. Only one surviving car (that I could locate) has these lights. Interestingly, my friend David Greenlees at posted pictures (taken by a different person) of what I believe to be this same car. I'd guess by the date of both photos that the car was in possession of Leo Warila and that both shots are taken at Larz Anderson park.

A Mercedes 680 S with Saoutchik Torpedo body wins Best of Show at Pebble Beach! The winning car is a different car than is pictured here - freshly restored by Paul Russell and Company, it has fantastic provenance -

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