Frank Gardner

Frank Gardner in his 1912 Stanley model 47

Frank Gardner in his 1918 Franklin series 9B touring

The 1918 Franklin in the Franklin Museum in Tucson (photo credit: The Franklin Museum)
Looking through some of Dad's photos, taken when he was a member of the VMCCA in the 1950s, I came across two cars both owned by Frank Gardner. Mr. Gardner and my father became good friends and Dad would go over to the Gardner's and ride in Frank's cars. Frank had a physical disability (childhood Polio?) that required him to have special hand-controls equipped to his cars. The two cars shown here are his 1918 Franklin, series 9B touring and his 1912 Stanley model 47 (20hp) - chassis 6520. The Franklin is now in the Franklin Museum in Tucson, AZ (I've seen the car there - a great stop if you're ever in Tucson). The 1912 Stanley which Frank acquired in the late 1930s or early 1940s was restored by him and used frequently when in his ownership. The Stanley is now in the collection of Brent Campbell - a noted Stanley collector who I've mentioned previously in this blog. I believe the 1912 Stanley still retains the restoration performed by Frank Gardner.

UPDATE: Tim Martin notes that the 1912 Stanley is a model 74.

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