1928 Mercedes Type S

1928 Mercedes Type S Tourenwagen owned by Leo Warila at the time.

1928 Mercedes Type S (photo credit: Bonhams)

1928 Mercedes Type S Murphy Body from the Jack Rich Collection
Having seen the recent publicity over the pending Bonhams sale of a 1928 Mercedes Type S that has been recently uncovered (single family ownership from new) after 60 years of storage, I decided to look further. The Bonhams car is wonderful and will sell in September of this year at their Goodwood sale. Inspired, I looked back though my photos to see what I could find. It tuns out that Dad had taken a picture of one of these cars at a VMCCA event when a kid. The picture shown was most likely taken on the grounds of the Larz Anderson estate in Brookline, MA around the mid-1950's (I can't make out the date on the license plate). The Mercedes 680 (6.8 liter) type S is an extension of the earlier 630 - 26/120/180 refers to the horse power: 120 hp naturally aspirated, but when the roots type blower kicks in at hi-rev the car produces 180 hp. The Mercedes-Benz Museum has an identical car (same body style) as car photographed by Dad. Ironically, we saw a well know Type S on our recent visit to the Concours d' Elegance at St. John. This car (chassis 35313) has a well documented history that includes a custom body by Murphy of Pasadena, CA and early ownership by the Marx brothers. The car was sold at the 2010 Gooding & Co Pebble Beach sale for $3.74 million dollars to the Jack Rich Collection, who have restored the car. It was fabulous to see it in person - one of my favorites from the show.

UPDATE: Dad notes that he took this picture at a Sunday morning tour in Wayland, MA some time in the 1950s. The car was owned at the time by Leo Warila.

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