1907 Packard Model 30 Roadster

1907 Packard Model 30 Runabout - believed to be chassis 3924
Frank Gardner with chassis 3924 - circa 1948
In 1907, Packard introduced the model 30 (the next generation from the model 24). The Runabout body was one of 4 styles offered in 1907 on the model 30 chassis. The pictures here illustrate a very special 1907 Packard Model 30 Runabout (chassis 3924) - the Rod Blood car. Rodrick Blood was a well known Packard collector and expert on the brand. It was Rod who acquired a treasure trove of factory historical documents and photos which he traded one of his Packards for (Frank Gardner, mentioned elsewhere in this blog, would see that the Larz Anderson Museum received this important archive). Additionally, Rod was a friend and neighbor of Dad's growing up in Needham, MA. As Dad tells it, Rod was a unique guy, he lived in a barn with all his cars (tragically, the same barn where his wife hung herself). Rod's ambition was to have one of each year that Packard produced cars - and he was quite close to achieving that goal! Rod's favorite was the 1907 model 30 Runabout - it was also my Dad's favorite and he rode in the car often. This car was in fantastic original condition when Rod purchased it from its original owner, a Mr. Shaw of Topsfield, MA, in 1940. Rod kept the car until his death in 1966. Rod's entire collection was auctioned off and the car found its way to George Waterman; and then on to Robert Petrarca. In 1972, Petrarca sold the car to Joe Beers, who had the car restored in 1984 (this was quite unfortunate as the car was an exception original car). When Mr. Beers passed away in 2006, the car was consigned to the Bonhams Quail Lodge sale in 2007. It was reported sold for $360,000 (also reported as $403,000 - with commission?). I'm not sure who owns the car today.
Rob Blood's 1907 Packard model 30 Runabout - circa 1955

Robert Patrarca driving chassis 3924
The photos from the 1950s were take by Dad. The early photo was found by us and we believe it to be chassis 3924 when new. If you look closely, you'll see the car wears 1908 Massachusetts plates and has the same distinctive paint scheme. The paint scheme is unusual, but may not be unique to this car as David Greenlees at the theoldmotor.com has posted a picture of another 1907 model 30 Runabout with a similar paint scheme (this image is one of many David has been featuring from Rob Blood's collection): http://theoldmotor.com/?attachment_id=40259. -->


  1. That is my dad, Frank Gardner, pumping up the tire of the Packard ,not Rod.

  2. That is my dad FHG before polio . He got polio when I was 3 in 1951.

  3. Nancy -

    Thank you for your comments. My father was 11 in 1951 and has very fond memories of time spent with your Dad.