Two Rolls Royces - togther again.

1907 Rolls Royce (chassis 60565?) - campaigned by S.B. Stevens?
1907 Rolls Royce (chassis 60565?) at Hershey in 1988 - shown by Rick Carroll
1907 Roll Royce (chassis 60553?) at the Gilmore Museum - shown by Rick Carroll
In 1906 Rolls Royce introduced the 40/50 hp at the Olympia Motor Show. It was this car, chassis 60551, that would give the model its famous name - Silver Ghost. As reported by my friend David Greenlees at, S.B. Stevens of Rome, NY imported the first two Rolls Royce 40/50 cars to the United States in 1907. My understanding is that chassis 60565 had its original body (Barker touring) removed and placed on the other car. After which a simple two seat body was configured and the car was used in local motoring events (and also raced at Ormond beach?). I believe the photo Dad recently acquired, and seen here, shows this car (60565) being campaigned by Stevens. I believe that it is this same car (60565) that noted collector James Melton purchased from the Stevens family in the 1940s. This car (and much of Melton's collection) was sold to Nelson Rockefeller. Later the car found it's way to the fabulous collection of Rick Carroll. I took a picture of the car at Hershey in 1988 when in Carroll's possession. Of course, Stevens also imported chassis 60553 (the third Ghost built and the earliest Ghost to come to the US). This car apparently received the body from 60565 (but was later re-bodied). I believe Rick Carroll was able to reunite these cars within his collection. In 1988, while at the RROC meet held at the Gilmore Museum in MI, I took a picture of what I believe is chassis 60553 freshly restored and being shown by Mr. Carroll. It is truly amazing that both these cars still exist and even more astonishing that they are reunited yet again in the fabulous collection of Robert Lee.

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