Rolls Royce comes to the US in 1906

Rolls Royce 30hp chassis at the 1906 New York Auto Show
1906 Rolls Royce 30hp in front of Euclid Hall in New York City
Here are a few more interesting photos from the group recently acquired by Dad. Rolls Royce famously started after an introduction in 1904. Between 1904 and 1906 they experimented with 6 different models before focusing exclusivity on the 40/50 hp (later known as the Ghost). The cars shown here are the 30hp model (the precursor to the Ghost). In 1906, C.S. Rolls came to the US to exhibit at the New York Auto Show, bring a number of cars (including the "light 20" and 30hp models). One of which was the 30hp chassis seen in the picture at the auto show. It's interesting to see the Packard exhibit through the curtain behind the car. Additionally, it is believed that Rolls brought the other 30hp car, wearing a Roi des Belges touring body by Barker & Co. Ltd. (C.S. Rolls preferred coachbuilder at the time) as a demonstrator. The car is pictured in front of Euclid Hall in New York City, on Broadway between W 85th and W 86th Streets. Built in 1903 to take advantage of the new subway, which was built in 1904, the building had red brickwork with iron details typical of the French style that was popular at the time. The first tenants were fairly prosperous professional types and many families apparently had live-in servants. However, by the 1930's the neighborhood had changed and was a bit run-down with the building having been converted to single rooms as the Euclid Hall Hotel – the building still stands today. There is some evidence that this car may have been taken to Canada (Toronto) by C.S. Rolls after the show and brought back to the US where is was later sold. The car is not believed to have survived.

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