Porter S Cleveland - Hollywood Photographer

Among the many recently acquired photos, was this picture of a Packard. Stamped in the bottom corner of the photo is "Porter S. Cleveland, Hollywood". It seems Mr. Cleveland was an independent Hollywood portrait photographer. He doesn't show up as being employed by a studio, however I did find at least one other image he took of a Hollywood personality. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the man in this picture is - his days of notoriety are before my time. The Packard, on the other hand, is something of mystery as well. The car appears to be a 1928 Packard 526 (6 cylinder) with 1929 style headlamps (late 1928 car?). From there it get's tricky, as the body looks custom. The windshield is unique (not typical Packard) and the dual cowl body has no exterior door handles? It's a great looking car to be sure, and it would be wonderful to identify the body maker and the owner.

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