The tale of two Stanleys

Glen Gould standing next to the 1912 Stanley special roadster
1912 Stanley special roadster (photo credit:

1908 Stanley model K semi-racer in Brent Campbell's garage
I'm not really a steam car guy - I don't have any and I've not driven one - but I am fascinated by them. Dad's connection with steam cars started when he was in high school. Growing up, he would ride his bike around Needham (MA) and look in old barns for interesting cars. As steam car guys know, Stanley's were made in MA and Fred Marriott lived and worked the next town over (Newton, MA). One day Dad spotted some brass lamps in a barn and ask the home owner if he could look inside. The woman stated that if Dad would clean out the barn, he could keep any of the parts he found. It turned out the house was owned by Fred Marriott's sister and the parts were all vintage Stanley. Dad ended up selling his stash of Stanley parts to Glen Gould a local collector... and that's how we came to know Glen and his wife. Glen is no longer with us, but his son's still run the museum he established in Wells, Maine.

In 1989, Dad and I sold our 1910 Buick model 16 to Glen. At that time, I took some photos of cars in his building. One of which, he was quite proud of - a 1912 Stanley special roadster (chassis #6052). According to the Stanley Register this car was built for Raymond W. Stanley. The car is certainly something special and said to be quite fast. Also owned by F.E. Stanley, this car would eventually be sold to Brent Campbell - I believe he still owns it. 

1908 Stanley semi-racer in the 1940s  (photo credit: Bulb Horn, 1960)

Which brings me to the the second car featured here - the 1908 Stanley model K semi-racer. Around the same time (1989), I happened to be on a local tour and we stopped at Brent Campbell's. Brent Campbell has to be one of the premier Stanley collectors in the country and we saw a number of fantastic cars that day. However, the model K semi-racer stood out. Once again, the Stanley Register has been invaluable. This car (chassis #4161) was purchased by James Melton in the 1940s. The story goes that Mr. Melton had the car serviced by George Monreau in Fred Marriott's shop, and that George returned the car to Mr. Melton by driving it (150+ miles) back to Weston, CT (where Melton housed his collection at the time). The car then traveled through some of the finest collections in the country - from Melton's to the Rockefeller Collection and on to the Harrah collection before finding its way to Brent Campbell's garage. I believe it know resides in New Hampshire. This car's history is known from new and it remains one of the most important and authentic Stanley's existent today.


  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your nice comments about the Stanley Register. That's a great story about finding things in Fred Marriott's sister's garage. I wonder if your dad may have found any paper artifacts related to Fred or the Stanley factory? If so, and the material is still around, I'd love to study it.


  2. Kelly -

    Thanks for your comments. Are you associated with the Stanley Register? If so, keep up the good work - it's a great site. Regarding your question, I don't believe there were any documents - only parts. Everything went to Glen Gould. If you haven't already, you might try the Wells Auto Museum: