The Ferrari GTO

I've been going to Hershey (AACA National Fall Meeting in Hershey, PA) for 37 years. You never know what you'll find at Hershey and I enjoy taking pictures of some of the interesting cars that I see. Back in the late 1980s I came upon this Ferrari. Looking back upon it now, it strikes me that it's one of the 39/40 250 GTO's made by Ferrari between 1962 and 1964. Today these cars are premium collectables trading at tens of millions of dollars each. Of course, this car doesn't look like the typical GTO (if there is such a thing). It turns out that Ferrari built 36 250 GTO's up through 1964, and later in 1964 produced an additional 3 (now thought to be 4) GTOs with different body work more closely aligned with the 250 LM - generally referred too as Series II cars. Additionally, 4 earlier GTOs were re-bodied (around 1964) with the Series II body work.

In researching this car, I found reference to the 4 re-bodied cars - numbers: 3413, 4091, 4399, and 4675. I don't believe this car is one of those. The 3 or 4 original Series II cars are - numbers: 5571, 5573, 5575 and now 5577 (recently found). However, this car doesn't look quite like any of these either. This car appears to have slightly different fender vents, hood, and turn-signal lights. Thus, I'm not confident of which chassis this is. I'm guessing that the car had been modified over the years (not uncommon) and today it's probably restored (and looks slightly different). If anybody can identify this particular car, I'd enjoy knowing more about it's history.

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