Aston Martin DB4

Back in 1991, while at Pebble Beach, I took a number of pictures of cars parked on the street. Only at a venue like Pebble Beach, do you see high quality automobiles in the show and out in the parking lot. I took this picture at Laguna Seca raceway - an Aston Martin DB4 series V convertible. Of the 1110 DB4's made between 1958 and 1963, only 70 were convertibles. The first Aston to be built at the company's Newport Pagnell works, there were 5 series of DB4's produced. The convertible was released in 1962 (series V), making this car a 1962 or 1963. Further, there were 32 convertibles made with the Vantage engine - I'm not sure if this car is one of them. Regardless, this car remains a beautiful and rare car. 

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